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GS Paper 3 2017 - Detailed Discussion and Model Answers for UPSC CSE Mains


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Roman Saini

One of the most important problems faced by UPSC CSE aspirants is the lack of high-quality model answers for GS papers. In this course, Roman has analyzed all the 20 questions of GS Paper 3 of 2017 exam and have tried to provide practical, short and crisp answers. If you watch this course, you will understand what UPSC expects from the aspirants and why most of the aspirants are not able to score high marks, despite having the knowledge.



21 reviews

Lakshmi Soujanya

reviewed on Nov 29, 2017

Awesome course Sir!! Highly recommended to everyone.Thank you very much :)

Tejal Hiwrale

reviewed on Nov 30, 2017

As usual the lessons are awesome sir, Thank you so much. one request to u sir as I mentioned it many times, please do something for political science optional sir, please tell anyone of ur team having political science optional to come with strategy at least sir,

Kewal Krishan

reviewed on Nov 29, 2017

thanku so much sir g n plzzz make similar course for other GS mains Paper also.... it will definitely help in boosting the confidence of whoever will go through ..... thanku.....

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