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Grammar For Competitive Exams - Subject Verb Agreement


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Rajni Jha

This course is a one-stop place to learn English for all the government exams like SSC-CGL, Bank PO, etc and also for other competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, GRE. Rajni Jha who is a seasoned English language trainer covers all the important rules of the subject and verb agreement. Subject and verb agreement is one of the most important topics of grammar. This course will help you find errors of this topic andhelp you score better in the English section.



169 reviews

Praveen Sehrawat

reviewed on Jan 9, 2017

A good teacher with some good skills. Never seen such passion for teaching in my whole life and some more cheesy words plus I'm just writing this shit because your review is forcing me to write a minimum of 60 characters otherwise "skills" would have been the last word of this review.

Shraddha Sneha

reviewed on Jan 7, 2017

We've been learning the correct usage of grammar since a long time, but these kind of errors seemed unavoidable. They were minor enough to not catch our attention. It's when you get to know the corrections ,it automatically sounds better. You rectified each sentence with a clarification which seemed satisfactory. P.S.- You've got a good voice!

Navya Chaudhary

reviewed on Jan 6, 2017

Your videos are really helpful .... and concepts are explained very consciencely .... keep up doing the good work. ... n light up the world with the help of education :-)

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