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Geography for UPSC CSE: Right Approach to Study by Roman Saini (UPSC CSE Online Syllabus)


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Roman Saini

Through this course, Roman explains in detail on how the UPSC CSE aspirants should approach to ace the questions from the subject, Geography. As this course begins, Roman reminds you of the important of geography and how studying it smartly for UPSC CSE, is extremely important. The lessons include - Basic Approach, Detailed Analysis of Syllabus, 45-day Strategy- Novice to Master, Art of effective notes making, and Important Topics. Tags: Geography Syllabus for UPSC CSE, UPSC Online, UPSC Exam, UPSC Examination, UPSC Syllabus, UPSC IAS Exam, IAS Questions, IAS Syllabus, IAS Preparation, IAS Exam Syllabus CSE Exam, CSE Syllabus.



324 reviews

Shalini Suraj

reviewed on Oct 12, 2016

Very concise and precise information...time saver....and a lot of help !! Way to go !!

Delete Account

reviewed on Oct 12, 2016

Courses are helpful, but sorry to say, Be energetic Roman sir,if ur down,we will be like that 1000 times.

Suresh Salunkhe

reviewed on Oct 13, 2016

thank you roman sir for this beautiful platform. I am watching maximum videos of unacademy and following it in my daily studies. Same like geography pls make video series for each main subject of CSE like history, polity, Economics etc.

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