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General Aptitude - Crash Course - Percentage: CSIR-UGC NET


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Shilpa Biju

This course discusses the topic of percentage under the category of general aptitude for the CSIR NET examination. this is basically a crash course which involves the explanation of the basic concepts along with the required formulas for solving problems. also there is a discussion of previous year questions asked in the NET examinations.



2 reviews

Paritoshika Srivastava

reviewed on Jan 25, 2019

every one should follow shilpa mam becz she is amazing nd don't afraid who thnk they r week in maths follow mam she will help us for shure.. thnkuu mam for ur help 🤗🤗🤗

Manjesha R S

reviewed on Feb 7, 2019

mam give good Explanations .i understanding very easily.mam use simple English so that everyone can understand easily.