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(Hindi) GATE-2017 Year Paper Solution and Discussion


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Gaurav Joshi

It is detailed and complete solution of GATE 2017 paper. The questions and their solutions are made simplified to understand the pattern of examination thoroughly. The paper is GATE 2017 ME (Session 1)



14 reviews

Gaurav Kumar

reviewed on Dec 25, 2019

Excellent Explanations also Understand about the basic concept as well as what is the importance of the 11 and 12 class

Devang Patel

reviewed on Aug 20, 2019

sir u r doing god's mission i'll go through all your lecture

Ravi Kumar

reviewed on Oct 27, 2018

when you speak during the lesson, it feels like you are sitting next to me and teaching me like a big brother...... I always get a real feel watching your lessons .... you deserve more than 5 stars

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