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59 lessons • 6h 38m
Introduction on Economy

3m 53s

Sustainable Development - 1

12m 53s

Sustainable Development - 2

14m 44s

Sustainable Development - 3

13m 53s

Sustainable Development - 4

15m 00s

Economic Reforms : Situation in 1990-91

13m 41s

Mechanism of Reforms

12m 18s

Principles of Reforms: LPG

14m 47s

Obligatory Economic Reforms

14m 50s

Second Stage Econimic Reforms

13m 34s

Economic Reforms: 2014-2018

15m 00s

Economic Reforms: GST, RERA

12m 26s

Keynesian concepts: Present Relevance

13m 16s

Aggregat Demand and Supply

9m 42s

Why GDP is important??

11m 30s

What is GDP??

10m 29s

How do we calculate GDP??

10m 37s

Nominal and real GDP

14m 29s

National Income and contribution of GDP

14m 58s

Demography for CSE-1

14m 59s

Demography for CSE-2

14m 33s

Demography for CSE-3

14m 57s

Story of planning in India-3

14m 55s

Story of Planning in India-2

15m 00s

Story of Planning in India-1

14m 21s

Story of Planning in India-4

14m 57s

Agriculture in India: e-NAM

13m 33s

Agriculture in India: WTO Subsidy Boxes

14m 39s

Agriculture in India: Fixing MSP

14m 50s

Agriculture in India: Interest Subvention

14m 22s

Measuring Poverty

11m 13s

Poverty: Inequality in the Economy

12m 53s

Poverty : Vulnerability

15m 00s

Multi Dimensional Poverty

12m 37s

Monetary Policy-1: How is it made by RBi

14m 56s

Mechanism of Monetary Policy

14m 51s

Monetary Pilolicy: LAF

14m 21s

Monetary Policy: Stance taken by RBI

15m 00s


14m 05s

Impact of FISCAL Policy

14m 57s

Fiscal Policy Strategy

15m 00s

Common Mistakes committed by Candidates in UPSC Mains

14m 06s

Effects of FRBM Act on Financial Mechanism

13m 59s

What are NBFCc ??

14m 48s

What is troubling NBFC sector??

11m 31s

BANKING : How to calculate MCLR ??

14m 05s

BANKING SECTOR: Stressed Assets & NPAs

14m 04s

BANKING SECTOR: CAR to save Banks from Disaster

12m 53s

Banking Sector: PAYMENT BANKS

14m 53s


15m 00s

Inclusive Growth: Short & Long Term Strategies

14m 56s

Inclusive Growth: Concepts of Exclusion & Inclusion

14m 42s

Inclusive Growth: Financial Inclusion

14m 55s


14m 03s

What are SDRs and IMF Quota??

14m 58s

Concepts of BOP in simple way

14m 55s

WTO: Doha Round: Failure

12m 51s

Efforts to Bring the Economy on Track

12m 30s

Introduction to Course on Economy for Prelims 2020

3m 30s

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