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50 lessons • 6h 57m
Emergence of Sociology

8m 51s

Comparison with Different Social Sciences

8m 29s

Sociology before August

8m 38s

Quick Revision of Social Research and Methodology

8m 37s

Overview of the Course

1m 51s

Nation -State

4m 13s

Panchayati raj

7m 37s

Diffrence between post modernism, post structuralism and post colonialism

9m 32s

Difference between structure functionslism , structuralism

10m 35s

How to prepare for sociology ugc net jrf for 75+ marks

7m 03s

Talcott Parsons : Social Action

11m 27s

Industrialisation through mind map

8m 44s

10 most important questions

8m 40s

Signs and Symbols

7m 00s

A.R Radcliffe Brown

9m 41s

Quick Revision of structutal and functionalist sociologist

7m 45s

Quick Revision of Unit 10 culture and Symbolic transformations

8m 59s

Emile durkheim :Social Facts

10m 07s

Emile Durkheim : Division of labor

11m 09s

Max Weber : Ideal Types

8m 44s

Karl Marx: historical materialism

8m 17s

Important tips and questions for Sociology

8m 28s

Karl Marx : Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism

9m 28s

Max Weber : Social Action

9m 33s

Citizenship ( Part 1)

10m 24s

Pressure groups

8m 37s

Welfarism and Neoliberalism

7m 27s


9m 00s


8m 07s

Social Control

9m 26s

A.R Radcliffe Brown

7m 49s


10m 31s

Emergence of Sociology

10m 43s

Scope of Sociology

11m 25s

Formal and Informal School

11m 16s

Sociology comparison with political Science

8m 13s


8m 08s

Sociology and Scientific Method

10m 41s

Comparison of Sociology and Philosophy

5m 48s

Symbolic Interactionism by G.H Mead

7m 44s

Rural Sociology

5m 45s


9m 52s

Karl Marx : Alienation

11m 28s

Karl Marx : Social Stratification Theory

10m 14s

How to crack civil services prelims in 4 months

8m 59s


6m 53s

Types of Research Methodologies

6m 06s

Max Weber : Bureaucracy

8m 52s

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