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49 lessons • 3h 28m

UPTET 2019 Urdu Sallybus and Strategy ( in Urdu)

6m 01s

Urdu Noun and It's Type ( in Urdu)

7m 51s

MCQs Based on Noun ( in Urdu)

10m 30s

Urdu Words and It's Type ( in Urdu)

8m 26s

MCQs Based on Harf ( Words) in Urdu

5m 52s

Urdu Verb and It's Type ( in Urdu)

9m 53s

MCQs Based on Urdu Verb

9m 32s

Urdu Adjective and It's Type ( in Urdu)

11m 39s

MCQs Based on Urdu Adjective ( in Urdu)

7m 34s

Urdu Gender ( in Urdu)

9m 20s

MCQs Based on Urdu Gender ( in Urdu)

8m 33s

MCQs Based on Urdu Number

6m 15s

Urdu Synonyms and Antonyms ( Part - 1)

7m 55s

UPTET Urdu MCQS based on Synonyms and Antonyms

8m 52s

Some Main Terms of Urdu Poetry | UPTET Urdu

8m 09s

MCQs Based on Terms of Urdu Poetry

10m 07s

Urdu Figures of Speech

8m 38s

Urdu Figures of Speech Part - 2

8m 21s

MCQs Based on Urdu Figures of Speech

7m 18s

Urdu Marks of Punctuations

10m 50s

MCQs on Urdu Marks of Punctuations

5m 31s

Origin of Urdu

7m 25s

MCQs Based on Origin of Urdu

5m 49s

Urdu Prefix and suffix

7m 38s

UPTET Urdu | Prem Chand

8m 22s

Some Famous Urdu Poets And Their Title Name

8m 49s

Some Famous Poet Of Urdu and Their Books

5m 46s

Some Important Facts Of Urdu Literature

7m 39s

Remedial Teaching in Urdu

10m 04s

Role of Listening and Speaking

7m 02s

Inclusive Education in Urdu

5m 57s

Portfolio in Urdu

10m 40s

Micro Teaching in Urdu

10m 02s

Methods of Education and Their Founders In Urdu

10m 44s

NCF 2005 in Urdu

9m 41s

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation in Urdu

5m 39s

Urdu Pedagogy MCQs For CTET and All TET

9m 57s

Maxims of Teaching | Urdu Pedagogy For CTET

13m 07s

Social Development Theory of Vygotsky in Urdu

10m 54s

Cognitive Development Theory of Piaget in Urdu

10m 41s

MCQs on Teaching Aptitude In Urdu

7m 26s

MCQs On Teaching Aptitude In Urdu Part 2

8m 30s

MCQs on Urdu for All TET

12m 53s


11m 02s

MPTET Urdu PYQs Part 2

12m 27s

MCQs on Urdu Pedagogy For Karnataka TET

14m 40s

MCQs on Urdu Pedagogy For CTET and Karnataka TET

15m 00s

MCQs On Urdu Pedagogy For CTET and KarTET


MCQs On Urdu Pedagogy For CTET and Karnataka TET

14m 49s

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