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Crash Course for CSAT Paper 2 - UPSC and SSC Aspirants


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Khushboo Kumari

Prelims approaching, hardly 30 days left. But if your still searching for any topic or want to do quick revision, then here's this course which comes to your rescue. As this "Crash Course" covers everything related to CSAT paper II. Follow ardently all the courses in order to get insight into all the topics. Enroll and follow to stay updated.


42 lessons • 7 h 23 m

4m 14s

High Yield Topics to be covered in the course

4m 28s

Quantitative Aptitude : Average Level 1

9m 03s

Quantitative Aptitude : Average Level 2

11m 24s

Quantitative Aptitude : Trains Level 1

10m 11s

Quantitative Aptitude : Trains Level 2

12m 10s

Quantitative Aptitude : Boats and Streams

13m 00s

Quantitative Aptitude : Mixture and Alligation

11m 49s

Quantitative Aptitude : HCF and LCM

13m 34s

Quantitative Aptitude : Percentage Level 1

7m 28s

Quantitative Aptitude : Percentage Level 2

14m 18s

Quantitative Aptitude : Time and Work Level 1

12m 19s

Quantitative Aptitude :Time and Work Level 2

11m 23s

Quantitative Aptitude : Simple Interest

14m 54s

Quantitative Aptitude : Compound Interest

9m 18s

Quantitative Aptitude : Profit and Loss

10m 43s

Quantitative Aptitude : Partnership

14m 28s

Argument, Conclusion and Assumption : Introduction

12m 59s

Assumptions Explained

14m 29s

Questions based on Implicit Assumptions

14m 23s

Reasoning : Statement Conclusion Previous Year Questions Solved

10m 51s

Reading Comprehension : Inferences-Detailed Explanation

14m 07s

Reading Comprehension : Qs based on Inferences

12m 38s

Reasoning : Linear Arrangement

11m 55s

Reasoning : Sitting Arrangement

11m 21s

Reasoning : Logical Puzzles

9m 46s

Reasoning : Blood Relation

10m 14s

Reasoning : Ranking

13m 03s

Reasoning : Venn Diagram

6m 50s

Reasoning : Direction Sense

8m 52s

Reasoning : Data Interpretation

7m 32s

Reasoning : Syllogism

9m 37s

Reasoning : Qs based on Syllogism

10m 54s

Reasoning : Symmetry

7m 23s

Quantitative Aptitude : Pipes and Cisterns

10m 53s

Quantitative Aptitude : Venn Diagram

5m 49s

Quantitative Aptitude : Data Interpretation

8m 05s

Reasoning : Data Sufficiency

11m 10s

Reasoning : Statement-Actions

14m 00s

Reading Comprehension : Arguments

9m 08s

Result Announced : UPSC CSE Preliminary Exam 2017

3m 50s

CSAT Plus Course

9m 06s



222 reviews

Roman Saini

reviewed on May 16, 2017

Nice work Khusboo. It will help everyone who are afraid of CSAT paper 2.

Mudit Gupta

reviewed on May 13, 2017

Great course at a time when prelims is round the corner. Really helpful to prepare for the CSAT paper II .Keep up the great work Khushboo .

Rahul Singhal

reviewed on May 13, 2017

much awaited course thank you so much for Ur kind efforts .....

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