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Comprehensive Coverage of Jainism


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Roman Saini

This course covers everything one needs to know about Jainism. It starts with an introduction to Jainism and important facts of Lord Mahavira. It goes on to cover the sects in Jainism, Concept of God, Soul, Liberation in Jainism. It ends with a discussion on Spread and contribution of Jainism, Comparison and Contrast - Jainism and Buddhism.



7 reviews


reviewed on Dec 7, 2019

your voice is not audible clearly it should be more clear.....and plzz make sure that whether your voice is coming in a good way or not

Sulagna Bose

reviewed on Jan 3, 2019

This course is really helpful to get hold of Jainism in detailed manner. It helps you to revise and learn easily as this course is not crowded by various topics. Concept is clearly presented. Thank u so much for this awesome course.

Mohd Rizwan

reviewed on Dec 30, 2018

awesome and important clarification which I was really hoping from your side to make it easiest for me. thank you very much

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