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Comprehensive Coverage of Buddhism


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Roman Saini

This covers everything one needs to know about Buddhism. It starts with a discussion on the emergence of Buddhism, Life of Buddha, Scriptures of Buddha, The 4 noble truth, The theory of Karma, Eightfold Path, Principle of Dependent Origination. It​ then goes on to cover Rejection of Soul, Concept of God, Sects of Buddhism, Buddhist Councils etc.



13 reviews

Bhartendra Deshmukh

reviewed on Apr 18, 2020

Jabardast course from a Jabardast teacher of a Jabardast topic for the Jabardast students on Jabardast platform.

Harshith V

reviewed on Apr 30, 2019

nice explained video lecture sir , provide more good videos like this , all the best

priyanshu kumar

reviewed on Mar 3, 2019

Excellent Explanation. The way Sir has explained things is really great and I enjoyed going through each and every video and helped me in learning the concept in a systematic manner. Thanks a lot,Sir!

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