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Class XII Political Science NCERT- 'Contemporary World Politics'


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Arpita Prakash

This course covers the chapters of Class 12 Political Science NCERT titled ' Contemporary World Politics'. It will help the aspirants study the subject in a comprehensive manner.


43 lessons • 6 h 40 m
Course Overview

7m 46s

(Ch-9.1)Concept and Examples of Globalisation

9m 20s

(Ch-9.2)Causes and Political Consequences of Globalization

9m 53s

(Ch-9.3)Economic Consequences of Globalisation

10m 25s

(Ch-9.4)Cultural Consequences of Globalisation

9m 54s

(Ch-9.5)India and Resistance to Globalisation

12m 02s

(Ch-8.1) Environmental Concerns in Global Politics- 1

9m 39s

(Ch-8.2) Environmental concerns in Global Politics-2

9m 21s

(Ch-8.3) "Global Commons" And Antarctica

9m 36s

(Ch-8.4) Common but Differentiated Responsibilities

8m 19s

(Ch 8.5)Common property resources and Environmental movements.

9m 58s

( Ch8.6) India's stand on environmental issues

10m 24s

( Ch 8.7) Resource Geopolitics

8m 41s

(Ch8.8) Indigenous people and their rights

9m 35s

( Ch 7.1) Concept of Security!

9m 08s

( Ch 7.2) External Security-1(Traditional Notion)

9m 12s

( Ch 7.3) External Security-2 ( Traditional Notion)

9m 31s

( Ch 7.4) Internal Security ( Traditional Notion)

11m 18s

( Ch 7.5)Disarmament- Traditional Notion and Cooperation

8m 09s

(Ch 7.6) Arms control and Confidence Building- Traditional notion and cooperation

9m 35s

( Ch 7.7)-Non traditional notions of security

10m 37s

( Ch7.8)-New Sources of threats

11m 50s

(Ch 7.9)- Cooperative Security

8m 10s

( Ch 7.10)- India's Security Strategy

8m 57s

(Ch 6.1) Why International Organizations?

9m 06s

( Ch 6.2)- Evolution of United Nations

8m 16s

( Ch 6.3)- United Nations Reforms after cold war

8m 17s

( Ch 6.4) - Changes after Cold War

8m 50s

( Ch 6.5)- Reforms of Structure and Processes

10m 04s

( Ch 6.6)- Jurisdiction of UN

8m 59s

(Ch 6.7)- India and UN reforms

8m 54s

( Ch 6.8)- UN in a Unipolar World

8m 35s

( Ch 6.9)- International Monetary Fund and World Bank

8m 03s

( Ch 6.10)- WTO, IAEA, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch!

8m 38s

( Ch 1.1)- Cuban Missile Crisis

9m 51s

( Ch 1.2)- Cold War

9m 05s

( Ch 1.3)Emergence of two power blocs-1

8m 07s

( Ch 1.4)Emergence of two power blocs-2

8m 58s

( Ch 1.5)-Arenas of the cold war

8m 45s

( Ch 1.6)-Challenge to Bipolarity

9m 58s

( Ch 1.7)-NIEO-New International Economic Order

8m 03s

( Ch 1.8)- India and Cold War

9m 03s

( Ch 1.9) Cold War Timeline

8m 57s



27 reviews

Shankar Shankar

reviewed on Feb 1, 2020

thank you so much mam'am doing the course, it's is to understand and complete readings in short time, your teaching was awesome

vardhan K

reviewed on Feb 1, 2020

Thank you so much madam, your lesson are easily understood and it is to read ncerts


reviewed on Jan 19, 2020

Worth it. Thank You so much ma'am. It's because of you that I scored good in my pre boards in history and now these political lessons are helping me too. best teacher ^-^

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