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Class 6 NCERT Polity Summary for UPSC CSE


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Arpita Prakash

This course summarizes all the chapters of Class 6 Polity NCERT, in the form of short and crisp notes, which not only clear the basic concepts of aspirants but also help them understand how to prepare notes from the textbook.



315 reviews

Rahul Shakya

reviewed on Jun 28, 2018

Thank you so much ma'am It is awesome to have all ncerts in your voice :)

Afroz S

reviewed on Jun 28, 2018

Thank you so much mam for starting the polity ncert. Because I am at the end of geography ncert of yours. and started history ncert too. so I was in search of polity because I love your teaching the way you explain the topics in detailed by making notes. I am very much happy with this course. And please make all 6 to 12 ncerts mam.


reviewed on Jul 1, 2018

Thank you very much Mam... Wonderful opportunity, to get Geography, History, Economy and now Polity too. Really it's very beneficial when I listen to your courses Mam... I feel greatful Mam... Keep on doing Mam.

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