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Class 12 Geography NCERT Summary (Common Topics of Human and Economic Geography) for UPSC CSE


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Arpita Prakash

This course covers the common topics of both Geography books of class 12- Human and Economic Geography. The chapters are Human Development, Human Settlement, Transport and Communication and International Trade


47 lessons • 6 h 49 m
Course Overview

6m 23s

Overlapping Contents of Human and Economic Geography (Class 12 NCERT)

8m 09s

My 2.5 years of journey with Unacademy and reaching at #1 in UPSC CSE Category

15m 00s

Growth and Development- Introduction

9m 52s

Four pillars of human development

8m 01s

Approaches to human development

5m 19s

Measuring Human Development

8m 28s

Human Development : Categories,Criteria and Countries

8m 43s

What is Development?

8m 54s

Human Development in India

8m 21s

Human Development in India-2

8m 33s

Population,Environment and Development

8m 32s

Means/Modes of transport (Transport and Communication)

10m 14s

Land transport, road transport (Transport and Communication)

10m 35s

Highways (Transport and Communication)

8m 11s

Types of roads (Transport and Communication)

8m 58s

Railways in world (Tansport and Communication)

9m 04s

Trans continental railways (Tansport and Communication)

8m 07s

Rail transport in India (Tansport and Communication)

8m 37s

Water transport- important sea routes

9m 28s

Inland waterways (Tansport and Communication)

8m 48s

Waterways in India (Tansport and Communication)

8m 29s

Air transport and inter continental air routes(Tansport and Communication)

8m 14s

Pipelines (Tansport and Communication)

8m 08s

Communication network-1 (Transport and Communication)

8m 45s

Communication network-2 (Transport and Communication)

9m 00s

Introduction and history (International trade)

9m 38s

Basis of International trade

8m 49s

Important aspects,balance and types of International trade

8m 32s

Free trade, World Trade Organization and Regional trade blocs (International trade)

9m 41s

Regional trade blocs and concerns related to free trade

9m 32s

Types of ports (International trade)

9m 47s

India's case in International trade (Import and Export)

9m 25s

Direction of India's trade and Seaports as gateways of International trade

8m 31s

Some Indian Ports with hinterland and Airports

8m 54s

Human Settlements- Introduction, Classification!

8m 23s

Human Settlements-types and patterns

8m 12s

Rural settlements- factors and patterns

8m 15s

Classification of rural settlements and Rural settlements in India

8m 38s

Rural settlements in India and their problems

8m 42s

Urban settlements and it's classification

9m 04s

Functions of Urban centres, classification of towns and cities

8m 57s

Types of urban settlements, Mega cities, Evolution of towns in India

8m 02s

Urbanisation and town classification in India

8m 34s

Functional classification of towns

8m 07s

Problems of Urban settlements

8m 43s

Course Completion

3m 22s



32 reviews


reviewed on Jul 1, 2019

Thank you so much mam for creating this course. Your dedication towards teaching is awesome. You are my role model for teaching in Unacademy.

anuja singh srivastava

reviewed on Sep 14, 2019

You deserve it mam.You are just awesome,your courses are very helpful in understanding the subject more effectively.Your way of teaching,everything mam..I just love you mam.Thank you so much for taking these efforts for us...🙏💐

reema shrivastava

reviewed on Aug 24, 2019

Hello mam, I really love your courses a lot. The way of explanation and your beautiful handwriting with flow charts and all are too good. Thank you so much 😊

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