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Class 11 Political Science NCERT Summary: Indian Constitution at Work for UPSC CSE


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Arpita Prakash

This course covers the chapters of Class 11 Political Science NCERT titled as Indian Constitution at work. The chapters covered are Judiciary, Federalism, Local Governments, Constitution as a living document and the philosophy of the Constitution.


38 lessons • 5 h 35 m
Course Overview

6m 17s

Independence of Judiciary ( Chapter 6)

9m 35s

Appointment of Judges

9m 17s

Removal of Judges

8m 26s

Structure of the Judiciary

8m 39s

Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court- part 1

8m 30s

Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court- part 2

9m 39s

Judicial Activism

8m 35s

Judiciary and Rights; Judicial Review

9m 34s

Judiciary and Parliament

8m 51s

What is Federalism? ( Chapter 7)

8m 16s

Key ideas and concepts associated with federalism ( Chapter 7)

9m 49s

Federalism in Indian Constitution

9m 15s

Federalism with strong central government ( Chapter 7)

8m 36s

Conflicts in India's federal system (Part 1) - Centre State Relations

8m 46s

Conflicts in India's federal system (Part 2) - Role of Governors and President's rule

8m 43s

Conflicts in India's federal system (Part 3)-demand for auntonomy,new states & inter state relations

9m 40s

Special Provisions ( Chapter 7)

9m 04s

Introduction and Growth of of Local Governments in India ( Chapter 8)

9m 09s

Local governments in Independent India, 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Acts( Chapter 8)

8m 47s

73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Acts- Provisions (Chapter 8)

9m 06s

Implementation of 73rd and 74th C.A.Act

8m 35s

Constitution as a living document ( Chapter 9)

8m 11s

How to amend the Constitution? ( Chapter 9)

8m 55s

Special Majority ( Chapter 9)

9m 40s

Why so many amendments? ( Technical/Administrative amendments) (Chapter 9)

8m 34s

Contents of amendments made by far ( Chapter 9)

8m 51s

Basic Structure and Evolution of the Constitution

8m 06s

Constitution as a living document (Chapter 9)

8m 43s

Contribution of Judiciary and Maturity of political leadership (chapter 9)

8m 26s

What is meant by political philosophy of the Constitution? (chapter 10)

9m 09s

Constitution as means of democratic transformation and need to go back to Constituent Assembly

8m 43s

Political Philosophy of our Constitution ( Chapter 10)

8m 16s

Other core features and achievements of our Constitution (Chapter 10)

11m 01s

Universal franchise and Federalism

9m 18s

Procedural Amendment,Criticisms and Limitations ( Chapter 10)

8m 31s

Criticisms of the Indian Constitution ( Chapter 10)

9m 31s

Course Completion

5m 58s



28 reviews

sumit Kumar Kannojia

reviewed on Dec 14, 2019

well done ma'am you are doing great teaching please continue this great teaching

sakshi sharma

reviewed on Nov 5, 2019

very thankful to you mam, really thanks. the way you make us understand the concept is very unique and appreciable


reviewed on Oct 15, 2019

Thanks Mam for ncert summary . It is very helpful for those who r preparing by themselves at home like me without coaching..

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