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Class 10 - Political Science NCERT Online Summary for UPSC CSE


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Arpita Prakash

This course covers all the chapters of Class 10 Political Science NCERT and extracts all important points, concepts and examples for the purpose of explanation.


30 lessons • 4 h 14 m
Course Overview

4m 31s

Chapter 1- Examples of Belgium and Sri Lanka

10m 36s

Chapter 1- Power Sharing - Its Importance and Forms

9m 20s

( Chap 2)- What is Federalism and routes of it's formation

9m 37s

( Chap 2)- Key features of Federalism

8m 14s

( Chap 2)- What makes India a federal country ?

8m 55s

( Chap 2)- How is Federalism practised ?

9m 01s

( Chap 2)- Decentralisation in India

9m 37s

( Chap 3)- Differences, Similarities , Divisions

9m 38s

( Chap 3)- Politics of Social Divisions

8m 57s

( Chap 4)- Gender and Politics

9m 57s

( Chap 4)- Religion, Communalism and Politics

9m 47s

( Chap 4)- Caste and Politics

9m 26s

( Chap 5)- Democracy and popular struggles with examples of Nepal and Bolivia

10m 01s

( Chap 5)- Mobilisation, Organization, Pressure Groups and Movements

8m 27s

( Chap 5)- Influence of Pressure Groups and Movements on Politics

9m 19s

( Chap 5)- Types of Interest Groups and Movement Groups

8m 34s

( Chap 6)- Meaning and Necessity of Political Parties

9m 08s

( Chap 6)- Functions of political parties

8m 18s

( Chap 6)- How many parties should we have ?

9m 02s

( Chap 6)- National Political Parties

8m 45s

( Chap 6)- Reforming Political parties

8m 58s

( Chap 6)- State Parties and Challenges to Political parties

9m 20s

( Chap 7)- Assessing outcomes of Democracy

8m 32s

( Chap 7)- Accountable, Responsive and Legitimate Government

8m 13s

( Chap 7)-Other aspects of assessing Democracy’s outcomes

9m 05s

(Chap 8)- Challenges to Democracy

8m 11s

( Chap 8)- Thinking about Reforms

8m 44s

Course Completion

1m 52s

Important Information regarding technical error

1m 39s



52 reviews


reviewed on Aug 27, 2018

Awesome & Wonderful course. Thank you so much for your hard work mam.

Ankit Kumar

reviewed on Oct 3, 2018

Nevertheless!!Overwhelming!! Thats how I would put my words as..Arpita ma'am's lucid explanation does the best part and hand-written notes are the another good aspect.

sanjay tiwari

reviewed on Sep 5, 2018

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