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Chemistry - JEE Main Previous Year and Most Expected Q's (IIT-JEE)


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Ankita Chowdhury

This course will help you conquer JEE Main 2019 with a complete list of previous year Q's (PYQ's) along with their solutions. It will also give a list of most expected questions for JEE 2019 after having dealt with the PYQ's. It's a must watch guys!


31 lessons • 2 h 23 m
Enthalpy of Reaction, Vant Hoff Factor, Kjeldahl's Method

13m 22s

Titration, Basic Strength, POC and Much More

12m 21s

Geometrical Isomerism, Ozonolysis, Name Reactions

11m 00s

Conversions, Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday Life

9m 52s

Froth Floatation, Acids of Phosphorus and Nitrogen

10m 33s

Solid state + Solutions (most expected Q's)

13m 04s

Tricks to solve "Solutions" Most expected

11m 09s

Chemical Kinetics - Tricks to solve Most expected PYQ's

9m 58s

Chemical Kinetics - All concepts through PYQs

8m 23s

Electrochemistry - Most expected Q's + PYQ's

13m 21s

Tricks for Electrochemistry (most expected Q's)

9m 01s

Tricks for stoichiometry and electrochemistry

10m 13s

Tricks: Stoichiometry and equilibrium

10m 57s

P-Block elements ~ Most expected +PYQ's

9m 41s

D and f block elements ~ most expected + PYQs

8m 59s

Chemical Kinetics ~ Rate of Reaction PYQs

8m 18s

Chemical Kinetics ~ Activation energy PYQs + Most expected Q's

8m 12s

10 Apr 2019 - Organic Chemistry Q's Analysis

9m 52s

10th April 2019 - General Organic Chemistry Q's Analysis

10m 14s

Polymers - 10 April 2019 - JEE Main analysis

9m 09s

General organic chemistry - 9th April - JEE Main 2019

8m 53s

Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution - 9th April 2019

8m 01s

Nitrogen containing compounds - JEE Main 2019 analysis

8m 14s

Ring expansion - JEE Main - 10th Jan 2019

8m 01s

Nucleophilic substitution - JEE Main 2019 - Q's Analysis

9m 44s

Free radical Substitution, Hybridisation and more

9m 43s

Structure of atom, Thermodynamics and much more

8m 01s


7m 30s

GOC, Polymers and much more

6m 28s

Coordination compounds, polymers

6m 34s


7m 30s



10 reviews

Nidhi Taneja

reviewed on Dec 4, 2018

thank you mam for such a simplified lesson! it was really helpful. waiting for the next lesson

Shashank Shekhar Jha

reviewed on Dec 3, 2018

Amazing lessons. Explained in simple and effective language.

Abhinav khurana

reviewed on Dec 3, 2018

Wow mam I was waiting for a questions series from you and I am so happy that you made one! Thank you so much! Keep inspiring!

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