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Chemistry: Class 9 Course on Structure of Atom


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Chirag Jain

The course explains everything about the atom and its structure. The course explains the discovery of subatomic particles and their organization within an atom. Later, we discuss that how their number and arrangement affect the properties and characteristics of an atom. After going through this course, one will be able to get depth knowledge of this Atom Structure unit of Chemistry and will also be able to score good marks in the examination. Tags: Class 9 NCERT, Structure of Atom, Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Class 9 CBSE Students, Class 9 ICSE Students.



4 reviews

Katyayni Tripathi

reviewed on Dec 29, 2019

sir ur slides are very informative which helps a student to grab correct information.... keep doing

Bhavya Jain

reviewed on Jun 4, 2017

nice one you explained this chapter very well sir ... it cleared all my doubts...

Ab Shyara

reviewed on May 19, 2017

NCERT is a base for all competitive exams and you covered it vey well.

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