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16 lessons β€’ 3h 35m

Preamble (in Bengali)

13m 20s

Union and Its Territories (in Bengali)

14m 45s

Citizenship (in Bengali)

14m 13s

Course Overview (in Bengali)

13m 12s

Making of Indian Constitution (in Bengali)

14m 25s

Introduction to the Course (in Bengali)

5m 16s

Features of the Fundamental Rights (in Bengali)

13m 14s

Right to Equality

15m 00s

Right to Freedom

14m 55s

Right Against Exploitation and Freedom of Religion

13m 53s

Cultural & Educational Rights And Writs

15m 00s

DPSP (Part-1)

14m 38s

DPSP (Part 2)

13m 15s

Fundamental Duties

11m 34s

The President of India

14m 06s

Parliamentary form of Government (in Bengali)

14m 53s

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