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Bar Graphs: Concepts, Practice Questions and Tricks


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4 reviews

Sourabh Joneja

This course explains Bar graphs in detail with the help of a variety of practice questions. Very helpful for students who wish to do well in DI.



4 reviews

Shivam Singh

reviewed on Aug 14, 2019

sir, you have done a calculation mistake in the 1st question, while subtracting the income of E from expenditure, which is 3.75-2.5= 1.25 not 2.25.

Avadhesh Gangrade

reviewed on Jun 19, 2019

Nice approch to solve the question but questions you used examples are easier than Cat questions, so can you please increase the level of questions.

Harshit rathor

reviewed on May 30, 2019

nice approach to solve and also good questios for the sake of warm up bt sir u should make more videos in DI graphs with level of difficulty from moderate and difficult for CAT . thanking you : harshit

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