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Attitude - content, Structure and Function


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3 reviews

Faizan Khan

This course explains the concept of attitude and its application in writing answers.



3 reviews

Bajarangee Chaurasiya

reviewed on Aug 14, 2018

faizan sir, I love your courses, your lessons are quite informative, and diagram techniques are quite impressive, by the way your voice is very lovely and fascinating. thanks a lot, please complete the gs paper 4,

Dipak Bhavsar

reviewed on Aug 1, 2018

This course simply awesome, as it help us to understand the basic tenet of Attitude, the way of explanation is simple, energetic, understandable and help to connect dot.

Shaida Shaik

reviewed on Aug 13, 2018

Awesome course Faizan Sir. Beautifully presented. Many many thanks for your efforts for bringing such course.