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Atomic Structure for JEE


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Megha Khandelwal

This course will discuss the Thomson’s and Rutherford Atomic models, Nature of Electromagnetic Radiations, The Spectrum of Hydrogen Atom, Bohr’s Model of Atom, Dual Nature of Matter- De broglie Relationship & Heisenberg’s Uncertainity Principle, etc



9 reviews

shubham singh

reviewed on Dec 5, 2019

thank u ma'am. u have provided us a better concept relating this chapter.......god bless u ma'am

Ravi Ranjan

reviewed on Dec 1, 2019

thanks a lot for such lessons................. and thanks a lot for such

Mayukh Roy

reviewed on Sep 2, 2019

Mam your skills are just top notch.Now I don't have to read books for quick revision....after going through your courses I move straight to question solving.I am from West bengal.Thanks from the core of my heart for helping thousands like us...who can't afford coaching institutions for prep.🙏

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