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(Hindi) Atomic Structure for JEE (Main + Advanced) / NEET / AIIMS


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Paaras Thakur

This course covers fundamental concepts of atomic structure and sufficient problems from basic up to advanced level to help you crack all kind of problems from this topic in competitive examinations. I also mention the key points on which questions have been framed in past and can be framed in future along with silly mistakes that students make in this topic.


22 lessons • 3 h 27 m
Discovery of electron - CRT Experiment & specific charge calculation (in Hindi)

11m 30s

Milliken’s oil drop experiment, anode rays, discovery of neutron & Plum pudding model (in Hindi)

9m 44s

Rutherford’s gold foil scattering experiment (in Hindi)

9m 33s

Drawbacks of Rutherford’s model, isotopes, isobars & isotones (in Hindi)

8m 59s

Electromagnetic radiation and it’s Properties (in Hindi)

9m 43s

Planck’s quantum theory and failure of classical mechanics (in Hindi)

8m 54s

Photoelectric effect and its application

12m 00s

Stopping potential and Bohr’s model of atom

9m 49s

Calculating energy and velocity of electron in Bohr Model (in Hindi)

9m 30s

Calculating energy of an electron and Failure of Bohr’s Model of Atom (in Hindi)

8m 20s

Numericals on photoelectric effect and Bohr’s model (in Hindi)

9m 00s

Ionisation and excitation energy, Emission and absorption spectra of atoms (in Hindi)

11m 46s

Spectral line series and calculation of min. and max. wavelength during transition (in Hindi)

8m 48s

De Broglie’s theory of dual nature of matter & accelerating electron (in Hindi)

8m 19s

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and it’s application in problems (in Hindi)

8m 50s

Quantum mechanical model of atom - wave equation (in Hindi)

8m 24s

Introduction to Quantum numbers (in Hindi)

9m 14s

Problem practice on quantum numbers, nodes and shapes of orbitals (in Hindi)

10m 06s

Hund’s, Pauli’s and Aufbau’s principle (in Hindi)

10m 28s

Problem solving session for JEE aspirants - Integer type (in Hindi)

7m 26s

Problem solving session for JEE aspirants - Subjective type - 1 (in Hindi)

7m 19s

Problem Solving Session for JEE Sspirants - Subjective Type - 2 (in Hindi)

9m 41s



48 reviews


reviewed on Jun 22, 2018

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Jashandeep Dhaliwal

reviewed on Jun 19, 2018

Superb 👍👍👍👍👍👍 coarse of this chapter Sir please make more lessons for Jee main and numericals also for competitive exams Thank for this👌👌

Ayush Kumar

reviewed on Jun 10, 2018

This is one of the best courses available for atomic structure basics in India. 10/10 would recommend to everyone

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