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Application of Derivatives (Part I): IIT JEE


60 ratings

7 reviews

Sachin Rana

This course deals with the Tangents and Normals, Monotonocity, Locus Problems and much more!



7 reviews

Ajay R

reviewed on Jul 3, 2019

Bhaiya, this course is extremely helpful. Can you please launch the part 2 of AOD as soon as possible ?

Ketan Sarode

reviewed on May 31, 2019

excellent teaching All problems discussed by Sir are very much beneficiary for me and I thanks Sir for his hardwork to teach us

K Arthi Sreya

reviewed on May 19, 2019

sir ... where's d part 2 ??? Any ways part 1 is really informative ... thanks a lottttttttttttttt sir

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