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Analytical Discussions on the Important Topics of History: India and the World


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Rahul Agrawal

This course will discuss all the major events in the History which shaped our past and will define our future. It will contain the events which are significant both at national and Global level. Some of the issues are still persisting and a thorough understanding of them is incomplete without the understanding of the past.


29 lessons • 5 h 31 m
Course Overview

3m 44s

Israel-Palestine Conflict - Part 1

14m 25s

Israel-Palestine Conflict - Part 2

9m 15s

Nato and its Changing Form Threats to Nato and its relevance in the modern world

12m 53s

Arab spring definition,causes, objectives (part1)

14m 40s

Arab spring countries,effects and aftermath,why failed(part2)

14m 53s

(1/2) Sri Lanka civil war - History and Aftermath.

12m 21s

(2/2) Sri Lanka civil war - History and Aftermath.

9m 24s

(1/2) The tale of two china's - Conflict and current.

7m 41s

(2/2) The tale of two china's - Conflict and current.

8m 16s

Division of Korea - North and south.

8m 50s

Must know topics/issues.Inner permit system,Schengen agreement,Regional centre of expertise.

14m 59s

Differentiated banks- Payment banks and Small banks.

14m 50s

What is article 371?.

10m 49s

Hung Assembly in india. Example of Goa legislative assembly.

10m 57s

Hyderabad Karnataka region explained,along with article 371J.

4m 59s

C Rajagopalachari formula and Desai Liaqat pact.

8m 26s

Civil Disobedience Movement.

14m 06s

Khilafat and Non cooperation movement.

12m 05s

Cabinet Mission and their recommendations.

11m 19s

IUCN and RED data list, Goals and categories involved.

12m 27s

National Health Policy 2017

11m 05s

Know everything about National Green Tribunal(NGT).

14m 54s

Know Everything about Interpol. How it works,what are its objectives, Interpol notices.

14m 59s

Miscellaneous treaties and groupings on export control. Missile technology control regime(MTCR), Wassenaar Agreement, Australia Group.

9m 39s

Non proliferation treaty(NPT) and why India has not signed NPT.

14m 27s

Battle of plassey and its significance.

11m 01s

India Bangladesh Land boundary agreement explained.

12m 33s

Prelims Revision: Multilateral financial organisations.AIIB and BRICS bank.

11m 15s



10 reviews

Debu Trying

reviewed on Jun 30, 2018

it's an excellent course. lucid explanation of each topic in this course help me to understand all topics of this course. thank u very much sir.

Shaida Shaik

reviewed on May 19, 2018

Awesome course. Very well explained. Key concepts were covered. Many many thanks for your support.

Priyal Agrawal

reviewed on Sep 17, 2017

Thanks a ton sir for this course................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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