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14 lessons • 3h 19m

Properties of Acids

15m 00s

Acids and Bases

15m 00s

Scale for Measurement of Acidic and Basic Character

14m 57s

Universal Indicators and Everyday PH

15m 00s


15m 00s

Introduction To Acids And Bases

12m 23s

Indicators And Its Importance

12m 51s

Introduction To Acids

15m 00s

Types Of Salts

13m 26s

Preparation Of Baking Soda and Baking Powder

14m 16s

Preparation Of Washing Soda, Bleaching Powder and POP

13m 21s

Plaster Of Paris and Water Of Crystallization

14m 09s

How To Answers Questions

14m 11s

Important Long Answers Questions

14m 47s

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