9 lessons • 1h 45m

Overview (in Hindi)

1m 41s

Material Science Basic and Phase Diagram (in Hindi)

11m 17s

Super Alloys, Coring, Volume Fraction and Crystal Structure (in Hindi)

14m 31s

Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram, Monotectic Point, Hadfield Steel, Kish etc (in Hindi)

11m 56s

Hypo and Hyper Eutectoid Alloys (in Hindi)

12m 12s

Age Hardening and Creep (in Hindi)

13m 04s

Yield Point Phenomenon, Baushinger Effect and Strengthening Mechanism (in Hindi)

13m 45s

TTT Diagram or Isothermal Transformation Diagrams (in Hindi)

13m 46s

Heat Treatment of Ferrous Alloys (in Hindi)

13m 25s