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[Win23] Economy Pillar1BC: NPA,Sharemarket,Pension,Insurance

Mar 1, 2023 • 3K views



Indian Economy

[Win23] Economy Pillar1BC: NPA,Sharemarket,Pension,Insurance

Mrunal Patel

442K followers • Indian Economy

Mar 1, 2023 • 2h 2m • 3K views

Mrunal’s Win23 series is a set of free of free lectures, PowerPoint and handouts It covers following updates of economy for the upcoming UPSC exam viz. 1. Latest budget-2023, 2. Latest economic-survey 2023 (Technically called 2022-23) 3. Annual Current Affairs Updates of Year 2022 for Economy subjects. 4. government schemes/policies and other notable current affairs of economy that happened in 2022-23.

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