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Season 2-TEN-TEN-TEN Series-10 DAY-Battle Level-Polity MCQ Series D1

Jul 13, 2020 • 46m

Dr Sidharth Arora

110M watch mins

Season 2 TEN-TEN-TEN SERIES. SHARP AT 10 P.M.- 10 QUESTIONS-10 DAYS. UPSC-CSE Prelims 2020 date has been announced. In this series, Dr.Sidharth Arora will discuss at length the important MCQs related to Polity for UPSC-CSE 2020-21. The Questions will be exam-level and the time allotted will be strictly followed.The series will cover the entire Polity to the level of UPSC CSE exams. The discussion will be interactive and is crucial for UPSC-CSE, Law / Judiciary exams and other Public Services exams. The session will be conducted in Hindi and English. Don't miss this session.

EnglishPolity, Governance & IR
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