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Mrunal's Mains Ans Writing [FLM/R2] GSM3: Socialism, Subsidy

Nov 30, 2020 • 2.3K views



Indian Economy

Mrunal's Mains Ans Writing [FLM/R2] GSM3: Socialism, Subsidy

Mrunal Patel

444K followers • Indian Economy

Nov 30, 2020 • 1h 16m • 2.3K views

For the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Exam(CSE) Mains examination, Mrunal Patel has prepared full length mock (FLM) question papers for GSM1, GSM2, GSM3 and GSM4. In this round, he'll solve GSM3-Economy questions related to Socialism, subsidies, Public Sector Undertaking etc. in this lecture. such as Q1) “Do administered price mechanisms and subsidies have any place in an economy which has moved past socialism?” Examine the context of present day India. (250 words)

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