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L2P2 - 10 Day Polity Mind Map | Centre-State, Inter State, Emergency

Jan 10, 2021 • 55m


Parliamentary System Features of Parliamentary Government Features of Presidential Government Merits of the Parliamentary System Demerits of the Parliamentary System Reasons for Adopting Parliamentary System Distinction between Indian and British Models Notes and References 13. Federal System Federal Features of the Constitution Unitary Features of the Constitution Critical Evaluation of the Federal System Notes and References 14. Centre–State Relations Legislative Relations Administrative Relations Financial Relations Trends in Centre–State Relations Notes and References 15. Inter-State Relations Inter-state Water Disputes Inter-State Councils Public Acts, Records and Judicial Proceedings Inter-State Trade and Commerce Zonal Councils Notes and References 16. Emergency Provisions National Emergency President’s Rule Financial Emergency Criticism of the Emergency Provisions Notes and References Part III Central Government

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