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Topics covered for विजय BPSC: Foundation Course for 68th PT & Mains


Science and Technology



Bihar Specific Topics

Current Affairs


Ancient History

Historiography of Ancient India

Medieval History

Modern History

Jainism, Buddhism & Shramanic

Mahajanapadas Period

Maurya Age

Post-Mauryan India

Gupta Empire


Modern History

Advent of the Europeans in India

Expansion & Consolidation

Peasant Movements

Beginning of Modern Nationalism

Indian National Congress

National Movement (1905-1918)

Era of Mass Nationalism Begins

Freedom & Partition (1939-1947)

Challenges for New-born Nation

Art & Culture

Indian Architecture

Indian Paintings

Indian Handicrafts

Indian Music

Indian Dance Forms

Indian LIterature

Indian Cinema

Fairs & Festivals of India

Post-Independence History

Consolidation of India

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