Telangana Specific

Current Affairs

State Specific Topics

Syllabus & Preparation

Policies of Telangana State

Social Policies

Welfare Programmes

Economic Policies

Society and Culture of Telangana

Society and Culture of Telangana

Telangana History

Ancient Telanagana

Medieval Telangana

AsafJahi Dynasty

Socio-Cultural Awakening

Peoples Movt Against Nizams Rule

Telangana Movt & State Formation

Idea of Telangana (1948-1970)

Mobilisational Phase (1971 1990)

Formation of T State (1991-2014)

Social Structure of Telangana

Socio-Cultural Features

Social Policies

Welfare Programmes

Telanagana Economy

Eco. and Dev. of Telangana

Struct. and Growth of T economy

Human Resource

Land Reforms in Telangana

Agriculture and Allied Sectors


Service Sectors

Telangana Geography

Geo. Ext of Hyd State

Geo. Ext Telangana State



Urban Infrastructure

Urbanisation in Telangana state

TS Governance


Good Governance

Governance at District Levels

Governance at State Levels

Development of Urban, Rural Areas

Development Processes

Ethics & Values of Administration