General Paper on Teaching

Environmental Sciences

Research Aptitude


Steps of Research

Methods of Research

Research Ethics

Paper, Article & Workshop

Thesis Writing

Application of ICT in Research

Reliability of Research

Validity of Research

Reading Comprehension

Introduction to RC

Prose Comprehension Passages

Poetry Comprehension Passages


Nature of Communication

Barriers to Communication

Effective Classroom Communication

Types of Communication

Models of Communication

Synchronous & Asynchronous Communication



Distance, speed & Time


Interest and Discounting


Data Sufficiency

Logical Reasoning

Structure of Arguments

Verbal Analogies

Reasoning Logical Diagrams

Venn Diagram

Analytical Reasoning

Indian Logic

Data Interpretation

Sources & Acquisition of Data

Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Graphical Representation

Mapping of Data

Data and Governance

Info. & Communication Tech (ICT)

Introduction to ICT

Advantages & Disadvantages of ICT

Abbreviations and Terminology

Basics of Internet and E-Mailing

Type of Devices

Types of Malwares

People and Environment

People & Environment Interaction

Natural Hazards and Mitigation

Development and Environment

Environmental Issues

International Agreements/Efforts

Natural and Energy Resources

Teaching Aptitude

Teaching and Learning Theories


Learner’s Characteristics

Factors Affecting Teaching

Methods of Teaching

Teaching Aids

Evaluation Systems

Higher Education System

Value Education