General Paper on Teaching

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sci. Fundamentals

Definition, Principles & Scope

Structure & Composition

Mass & Energy Transfer

Environmental Chemistry

Chemical Composition of Air

Ecology & Evolution


Flora & Fauna in India

Endangered & Threatened Spc

Environmental Geosciences

Earth System & Biosphere

Earth's Process

Geological Hazards

Mineral Resource & Environment

Landuse Planning

Environmental Geochemistry

Remote Sensing & GIS

Fossil Fuels

Energy Resources

Global Warming & Pollution

Air, Water, Soil, Noise, Marine

Environmental Impact Analysis

EIA Guidelines 1994

Impact Assessment Methodology

Environmental Audit

Environmental Planning

Base Line Information

Landuse Policy for India

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Environmental Priorities

Environment Protection & Policies

Environmental System Analysis

Environmental Education

Global Environmental Problem

Current Issues in India



Eutrophication & Restoration

Epidemiological Issues

Laws of Thermodynamics

Meteorological Parameters

Man and Environment

Biogeographic Provinces

Agro-Climatic Zones of India

Environmental Ethics

Introduction to Environment Science

Spheres of the Earth

Environmental Biology


Ecosystem Structure and Functions


Toxicology and Microbiology

Environmental Biotechnology

Biodiversity and Its Conservation

Microbial Toxicology and Environmental Biotechnology

Ecosystems and Biomes

Environmental Chemistry

Basics of Environmental Chemistry

Composition of Air

Chemical Processes

Photochemical Smog

Concept of DO, BOD and COD





Inorganic Components of Soils

Organic Components of Soils

Biogeochemical Cycles

Principles of Analytical Methods

Chemical Processes

Chemistry of Air

Chemistry of Water

Chemistry of Soil

Energy and Environment

Generation of Power

Energy Use Pattern

Energy Resources

Environmental Pollution & Control

Sources and Types of Pollutants

Air Pollution

Noise Pollution

Water Pollution

Soil Pollution

Thermal Pollution

Environmental Geosciences

Minerals and Rocks

Climates of India

Natural Hazards

Environmental Geochemistry


Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste

Disposal of Solid Wastes

Environmental Assessment


Environmental Laws

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Statistical Analysis


Correlation & Regression

Measurement of Central Tendency

Validation & Forecasting

Statistical Analysis and Environmental Modelling

Contemporary Environmental Issues

Global Environmental Issues

Current Issues in India

Soil Erosion

Forest Conservation

Sustainable Habitat