Computer Science & Application

Computer System Architecture

Digital Logic Circuits

Data Representation

Register Transfer

Computer Organization & Design

Programming the Basic Computer

Central Processing Unit

Pipeline and Vector Processing

Computer Arithmetic

Input–Output Organization


Programming Languages

Language Design Issues

Language Translation Issues

Elementary Data Types

Programming in C

Object-Oriented Programming

Programming in C++

Web Programming

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics: An Overview

3D Object Representation

3D Geometric Transformations

Three-Dimensional Viewing


Displaying Spline Curves and Surfaces

Database Management Systems

Concepts and Architecture

Data Modeling


Database Normalization

Data Mining and Data Warehousing

Big Data Systems

Data Structures

Introduction and Overview


String Processing

Arrays, Records and Pointers

Linked Lists

Stacks, Queues, Recursion


Graphs and their Applications

Sorting and Searching

System Software & Operating Syst.

System Software

Basics of Operating Systems

Process Management

Memory Management

Storage Management



Advanced Topics

Software Engineering



Managing Software Projects

Software Testing

Software Design

Software Requirements

Software Process Models


Models of Computation

Design of Efficient Algorithms

Sorting and Order Statistics

Set Manipulation Problems

Algorithms on Graphs

Matrix Multiplication

FFT and Its Applications

Integer and Polynomial Arithmetic

Pattern-Matching Algorithms

NP-Complete Problems

Few Probably Intractable Problems

Lower Bounds on Numbers

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Problems and Search

Knowledge Representation

Advanced Topics

Multi Agent Systems

Fuzzy Sets

Genetic Algorithms (GA)

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

Computation & Compilers: Theory

Theory of Computation

Context Free Language

Turing Machines

Computational Complexity

Syntax Analysis

Semantic Analysis

Run Time System

Code Generation and Optimization

Discrete Structure & Optimization

Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Induction

Group Theory

Graph Theory

Boolean Algebra


Data Comm. & Computer Networks


Physical Layer

Network Layer

Transport Layer

Application Layer

Network Security


Wireless Transmission

Medium Access Control

Broadcast Systems

Wireless LAN

Mobile Network Layer

Mobile Technology

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