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Topics covered for Supreme Batch - Complete Course on Paper I and Education


General Paper on Teaching


History, Politics & Ecom. of Edu.

Committees and Commissions

Policies and Education

Educational Policy Formulation

Concept of Educational Finance

Politics and Education

Conservative and Critical

Approaches to Understanding Politics

Edu. for Political Development

Research Methodology

Educational Research

Formulation of Research Problem

Data Collection and Sampling

Tools and Techniques

Major Approaches to Research

Psychological Foundation

Growth and Development

Approaches to Intelligence

Nature and Theories of Learning

Guidance and Counselling

Pedagogy, Andragogy & Assessment


Critical Pedagogy

Concept of Andragogy in Education


Assessment in Andragogy of Edu.

Educational Mgmt.and Admin

Educational Management & Admin

Leadership in Educational Admin

Quality in Education

Change Management

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

Planning of Inclusive Classrooms

Mgmt. of Inclusive Classrooms

Barriers in Inclusive Education

Curriculum Studies

Principles of Curriculum

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Planning Foundations

National Level Statutory Bodies

Models of Curriculum Design

Instructional System

Curriculum Change

Teacher Education

Teacher Education Programs

Components of Teacher Education

Knowledge and Teaching

Reflective Teaching

Models of Teacher Education

In-service Teacher Education

Profession and Professionalism

Philosophical Foundation

Indian Schools of Philosophy

Islamic Edu., Dayanand Darshan

Western Schools of Thoughts

Technology in Education

Instructional Design

Application of Computers

Emerging Trends in E learning

ICT for Research

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