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Topics covered for Spark for GATE 2022 (Civil) - Batch B (English)

Civil Engineering

GA,GS and Mathematics

Structural Analysis

Irrigation Engineering


Soil Moisture & Water Requirement

Canal Design

Seepage Theory

Gravity Dam and Spillways

Miscellaneous Topics

Steel Structures

Structural Fasteners

Tension Members

Compression Members

Flexure Members

Industrial Roof

Plastic Analysis

Engineering Hydrology


Abstractions from Precipitation

Surface Water Hydrology


Ground Water Hydrology

Reinforced Concrete Structure

Construction Material Basics

Design Philosophy

Design of Component

Other Design Criteria

Prestressed Concrete

Fluid Mechanics

Property of Fluid

Fluid Statics

Fluid Kinematics

Fluid Dynamics

Flow Through Pipe

Boundary Layer Theory

Dimensional Analysis

Turbulent Flow

Open Channel Flow

Hydro-power Plant

Strength of Materials

Properties of Metals

Shear Force and Bending Moment

Bending Stress

Shear Stress

Torsion of Shaft


Principal Stress and Strain

Theory of Failure

Pressure Vessel

Deflection of Beam

Column and Strut

Solid Mechanics



Calculation of Area & Volume



Traverse Surveying

Compass Surveying

Linear Measurement

Fundamental Concepts of Surveying

Environmental Engineering

Water Supply Engineering

Waste Water Engineering

Air Pollution

Geo-technical Engg & Found. Engg

Prop. of Soil and Soil Water Rel.

Classification of Soil

Clay Mineral & Soil Structure

Perm., Capi. & Effec. Stress

Consolidation of Soil

Seepage Analysis

Shear Strength of Soil

Deep Foundation

Compaction of Soil

Stress Distribution in Soil

Soil Stabilization

Transportation Engineering

Highway Engineering

Building Material and Construction

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