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Topics covered for सक्षम : Complete Course for RAS Prelims 2021

Rajasthan Specific Topics

Indian History


Reasoning & Mental Ability



Science & Technology

Current Affairs

Modern History

British Empire

Advent of the Europeans in India

Expansion and Consolidation

The Revolt of 1857

Beginning of Modern Nationalism

Nationalist Movement (1905-1918)

Freedom & Partition (1939-1947)

Reform Movements

Indian National Congress

World War I & India

Era of Mass Nationalism Begins

Constitutional & Judicial Develo.

Peasant Movements

Medieval History

The Delhi Sultanate -I

The Delhi Sultanate - II

Vijayanagara and Bahmanis

Mughal Empire

South Indian Kingdoms

Early Muslim Invasions

Bhakti & Sufi Movement

Maratha Empire

North Indian Kingdoms

Ancient History

Prehistoric Age

Vedic Period

Jainism, Buddhism & Shramanic

Mahajanapadas Period

Maurya Age

Gupta Empire

Social Changes

Post-Mauryan India

Historiography of Ancient India

Art and Culture

History of Rajasthan

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