Civil Law

Criminal Law

General Knowledge

Indian Evidence Act


The Relevancy Of Facts

Facts Which Need Not Be Proved

Oral Evidence

Documentary Evidence

The Exclusion Of Oral By Documentary Evidence

The Burden Of Proof



The Examination Of Witnesses

Improper Admission And Rejection Of Evidence

Indian Penal Code


General Explanations


General Exceptions


Criminal Conspiracy

Offences Against The State

Offences Relating To The Army 74[Navy And Air Force]

Offences Against The Public Tranquillity

Offences By Or Relating To Public Servants

Offences Relating To Elections

Contempts Of The Lawful Authority Of Public Servants

False Evidence And Offences Against Public Justice

Offences Relating To Coin And Government Stamps

Offences Relating To Weights And Measures

Offences Affecting The Public Health Safety Convenience Decency And Morals

Offences Relating To Religion

Offences Affecting The Human Body

Offences Against Property

Offences Relating To Documents And To 173[***] Property Marks

The Criminal Breach Of Contracts Of Service

Offences Relating To Marriage

Cruelty By Husband Or Relatives Of Husband


Criminal Intimidation Insult And Annoyance

Attempts To Commit Offences

Criminal Procedure Code

Powers Of Superior Officers Of Police


Constitution Of Criminal Courts And Offices

Power of Courts

Arrest Of Persons


Limitation For Taking Cognizance Of Certain Offences

Irregular Proceedings

Disposal Of Property

Provisions As To Bail And Bonds

Remission And Commutation Of Sentences

Execution Suspension of Sentences

Transfer Of Criminal Cases

Reference And Revision


Submission Of Death Sentences For Confirmation

The Judgment

Provisions As To Offences Affecting The Administration Of Justice

Provisions As To Accused Persons Of Unsound Mind

General Provisions As To Inquiries And Trials

Evidence In Inquiries And Trials

Attendance Of Persons Confined Or Detained In Prisons

Summary Trials

Trial Of Summons-Cases By Magistrates

Trial Of Warrant-Cases By Magistrates

Trial Before A Court Of Session

The Charge

Commencement Of Proceedings Before Magistrates

Complaints To Magistrates

Conditions Requisite For Initiation Of Proceeding

Jurisdiction Of The Criminal Courts In Inquiries And Trials

Processes To Compel Appearance

Order for Maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents

Compelling Production of Things

Maintenance of Public Order


General Provisions as to Inquiries and Trials