Civil Law

Criminal Law

General Knowledge

Indian Contract Act


The Communication Of Proposals

Acceptance And Revocation Of Proposals

Contracts Voidable Contracts And Void Agreements

Contingent Contracts

The Performance Of Contracts

Certain Relations Resembling Those Created By Contract

The Consequences Of Breach Of Contract

Indemnity And Guarantee



Indian Sale of Goods Act



Formation Of The Contract

Effects Of The Contract

Performance Of The Contract

Rights Of Unpaid Seller Against The Goods

Suits For Breach Of The Contract


Hindu Law

The Hindu Marriage Act 1955

The Hindu Succession Act 1956

The Hindu Minority & Guardianship Act 1956

The Hindu Adoptions & Maintenance Act 1956

The Hindu Disposition Of Property Act 1916

Constitutional Law

Part VIII The Union Territories

Part IX The Panchayats

Part IXA The Municipalities

Part X The Scheduled And Tribal Areas

Part XI Relations Between The Union And The States

Part XII Finance Property Contracts And Suits

Part XIII Trade Commerce And Intercourse Within The Territory Of India

Part XIV Services Under The Union And The States

Part XIVA Tribunals

Part XV Elections

Part XVI Special Provisions Relating To Certain Classes

Part XVII Official Language

Part XVIII Emergency Provisions

Part XIX Miscellaneous

Part XX Amendment Of The Constitution

Part XXI Temporary Transitional And Special Provisions

Part XXII Short Title Commencement

Authoritative Text In Hindi And Repeals




Part I The Union And Its Territory

Part II Citizenship

Part III Fundamental Rights

Part IV Directive Principles Of State Policy

Part IVA Fundamental Duties

Part V The Union

Part VI The States

Indian Partnership Act


The Nature Of Partnership

Relations Of Partners To One Another

Relation Of Partners To Third Parties

Incoming And Outgoing Partners

Dissolution of A Firm

Registration Of Firms


Specific Relief Act


Recovering Possession Of Property

Specific Performance Of Contracts

Rectification Of Instruments

Rescission Of Contracts

Cancellation Of Instruments

Declaratory Decrees

Injunctions Generally

Perpetual Injunctions

Mohammedan Law

Sources Of​​ Muslim​​ Law

Schools Of​​ Muslim​​ Law

Marriage (Nikah)

Dower​​ (Mahr)

Dissolution Of Marriage



Property And Succession

Transfer of Property Act


Transfers of Property By Act of Parties

Sales of Immovable Property

Mortgages of Immovable Property and Charges

Leases of Immovable Property



Transfers of Actionable Claims

Civil Procedure Code


Part I Suits In General

Part II Execution

Part III Incidental Proceedings

Part IV Suits In Particular Cases

Part V Special Proceedings

Part VI Supplemental Proceedings

Part VII Appeals

Part VIII Reference Review And Revision

Part IX Special Provisions

Part X Rules

Part XI Miscellaneous

Introduction to Civil Procedure Code

Section 1-153

Order I: Parties To Suits

Order II: Frame of Suits

Order III: Agents & Pleaders

Order IV: Institution of Suits

Order V: Summons

Order VI: Pleadings Generally

Order VII: Plaint

Order VIII: Written St. and Setoff

Order IX: Appearance of Parties

Order X: Examination of Parties

Order XI: Discovery and Inspection

Order XII: Admissions

Order XIII: Production Documents

Order XIV: Settlement of Issues

Order XV: Disposal First Hearing

Order XVI: Summoning Witness

Order XVII: Adjournments

Order XVIII: Hearing

Order XIX: Affidavits

Order XX: Judgement and Decree

Order XXI: Execution

Order XXVI: Commissions

Order XXXVI: Interpleader

Order XXXIII: Suits by Paupers

Order XXVII: Suits By/Against the Govt

Order XXVIII: Suits Armed Forces

Order XXIX: Suits against Corporations

Order XXXVIII: Arrest Atchmnt Judgment

Order XXXIX: Temporary Injunctions

Order XLI: Appeals- Org. Decrees

Order XLII: Appeals- Apl. Decrees

Order XLIII: Appeals From Orders

Order XLIV: Pauper Appeals

Order XLV: Appeals To SC

Order XLVI: Reference

Order XLVII: Review

Order XLVIII: Miscellaneous

The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996


Part 1 Arbitration

Part II Enforcement Of Certain Foreign Awards

Part III Conciliation

Part IV Supplementary Provisions


Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881


Notes, Bills and Cheques

Parties to Notes, Bills and Cheques


Discharge of Liability on Notes

Discharge of Liability on Bills

Discharge of Liability on Cheques

Payment and Interest


Notice of Dishonour

Noting and Protest

Reasonable Time

Acceptance and Payment of Honour

Reference in Case of Need


Special Rules of Evidence

Crossed Cheques

Bills in Sets

International Law

Penalties in Case of Dishonour

Law of Torts

Introduction to Law of Torts

Defenses Against Tortious Liability

Liability at Common Law

Statutory Law

Nervous Shock

Remoteness of Damages

No Fault Liability

Strict and Absolute Liability

Vicarious Liability of State


Law of Equity

Meaning, Nature and Scope

Nature of Equitable Rights

The Maxims of Equity

Law of Trust

Structure, Origin and Importance


Classification of Trusts

Distinguish b/w Different Trusts


Creation of Trusts

Duties of Trustees

Rights and Powers of Trustees

Disabilities of Trustees

Rights of Beneficiary

Liabilities of Beneficiary

Vacating the Office of Trustee

Extinction of Trusts

Obligation in Nature of Trusts