Telangana Specific

Andhra Specific



State Specific Topics


Environment & Ecology

Science & Technology

Syllabus & Preparation

Aptitude and Mental Ability

Current Affairs

Ethics and Law

International Relations


Polity and Governance


Ancient History

Prehistoric Age

Vedic Period

Jainism, Buddhism & Shramanic

Rise of Mauryans

Maurya Age

Sangam Period

Post-Mauryan India

Gupta Empire


Historiography of Ancient India

Environmental Determinism


Mahajanapadas Period

Medieval History

South Indian Kingdoms

Chalukyas of Badami

Cholas of Tanjore

Delhi Sultanate-I

Bhakthi & Sufi Movements

Vijayanagara and Bhamanis

Spread of Indian Culture

Early Muslim Invasions

Delhi Sultanate-II

Mughal Empire

Maratha Empire

Modern History


Rise of Shivaji

The East India Company

Role of Christian Missionary

The Revolt of 1857

Reform Movements

Self Respect Movements

National Movement (1905-1918)

Revolutionary Activity (1907-1917)

Women & Dalit Movements

Resentment Against Company

Peasant Movements

Political Assc'ns Before INC

World War I & India

Andhra Pradesh History

Ancient Andhra

Medieval Andhra

Modern Andhra

Nationalist Movement in AP

Bifurcation Issues

Art and Culture

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heri

Religions in India

Schools of Philosophy