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Science & Technology

Environment & Ecology

Indian Economy

NCERT Summary

Ancient History

Prehistoric Age

Vedic Era

Later Vedic Period

Jainism, Buddhism & Shramanic

Rise of Magadha & Mahajanpadas

Gupta & Successors

Harsha & His Times

Developments in Philosophy

History in the Deep South

Civilization in Eastern India

Crafts, Commerce, and Urban Growth

Rural Expansion in the Peninsula

Medieval History

Vijayanagara and Bhamanis

Empire In North India (1400-1525)

Early Mughal Period

Climax of the Mughal Empire-1

Climax of Mughal Empire-2

The Chola Empire

The Pratihara's Age

Modern History

Era of Mass Nationalism (1917-39)

Sources to Modern Indian History

Later Mughals

The Revolt of 1857

Socio-Religious Reform Movements

Nationalist Movement (1905-1918)

Making of the Indian Constitution

Nehru’s Leadership (1947-64)