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Topics covered for Outshine Batch - Crash Course for Chemical Sciences for CSIR 2021 (Batch III)

Chemical Sciences

Physical Chemistry


Chemical Equilibrium

Solid, Liquid and Gases



Quantum Mechanics

Atomic Structure & Spectroscopy

Statistical Thermodynamics

Chemical Kinetics

Surface Chemistry

Solutions and Their Theories

Group Theory

Chemical Bond. & Molecular Struc.

Bio Organic


Green Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Stereochemistry of OC


Organic Reaction Mechanisms

Named Reactions & Rearrangements

Asymmetric Synthesis

Structure Determination of OC

Oxidation and Reduction

Acids and Bases

Organic Reactive Intermediates

Determining Reaction Mechanisms

Organometallic Reactions

Pericyclic & Photochemical Rxn

Inorganic Chemistry

Intro to Inorganic Chemistry

Molecular Orbitals

Organometallic Chem.

Group 15

Group 16

Group 14

Periodic Table

Group 13

Hydrogen and Hydrides

Group 2-Alkaline Earth Elements

Surface Characterization Methods

Molecular Absorption Spectrometry

Nuclear Chemistry

Group 17: The Halogens

Group 18: the Noble Gases

Thermal Analytical Methods

Supramolecular Chemistry

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