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Topics covered for Mission UPSC CSE 2023: GS Batch Course (Bilingual) - 17th March


Polity, Governance & IR

NCERT Summary


Environment & Ecology

Disaster Management

Science & Technology

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

Indian Society

Indian Economy

Art & Culture

Ancient History

Medieval History

Delhi Sultanate-I

Delhi Sultanate-II

Vijayanagara and Bhamanis

Early Mughal Period

Significance of Babur's Conquest

Modern History

Sources to Modern Indian History

Later Mughals

The Revolt of 1857

Nationalist Movement (1858-1905)

Nationalist Movement (1905-1918)

Freedom & Partition (1939-1947)

World History

First World War & IR

Second World War

Modern World History

Post-Independence History

Nehru Era (1947-1964)

Rajiv Gandhi to Narasimha Rao

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