Mission IIT JAM 2024 Statistics - Batch I

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Started on Feb 16


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Mission IIT JAM 2024 Statistics - Batch I

Harsh Jaiswal, Ashish Kumar Garg

In this course, the top educators within the IIT-JAM category will cover all topics of Mathematical Statistics & help you to prepare for JAM 2024. The course will include strategy, tips & tricks and numerical along with a detailed explanation of the concepts. The course will be covered in Hindi & English and the notes will be provided in English. All doubts related to the topic will be clarified during the doubt clearing sessions in the course.

Batch Schedule

Started on Feb 16


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Harsh Jaiswal
45+Selection to IITs in IIT JAM MS (2022,23). 15+students in top 50 20+ selection in Gate statistics 2022 8 students in Top 50 Refral code
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Note - More courses will be added to each topic as the batch progresses

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It is really amazing the classes are really very good and interesting
Neelanjan DuttaIIT-JAM
wonderful 😊 it is the best online learning platform....I love it.
A Mostafa HossainIIT-JAM
I learn about 3 to 4 month, I really enjoy the teaching is so good
Dillip deoIIT-JAM
I liked the quality of educators... They are extremely good..
Sulaiman IIT-JAM

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