Mathematical Methods

Calculus of Single Variable

Calculus of Multiple Variable

Partial Derivatives

Jacobian, Im- & Perfect Diff

Series Expansion

Fourier Series

Vector Algebra & Calculus

Multiple Integrals

Vector Theorems

First Order Equations

Matrices & Determinants

Algebra of Complex Numbers

Vector Differentiation

Linear Second ODE

Complex Analysis

Solid State Physics

Crystal Structure

Miller Indices

X-ray Diffractn & Bragg's Law


Fermi Level

P-n Junction Diode

I-V Characteristics

Zener Diode


Single Stage Amplifier

Two Stage R-C Couple Amplifier

Simple Oscillators

OP-AMP & Applications

Boolean Algebra

Logic Gates

De Morgan's Theorem

Kinetic Theory & Thermodynamic

Elements of Kinetic Theory

Maxwell Velocity Distribution

Degree of Freedom

Gas Equation

Mean Free Path

Laws of Thermodynamics

Laws of Thermal Equilibrium

Thermodynamic Process


Carnot Cycle and Second Law

Maxwell Thermodynamic Relation

Thermodynamic Potentials

Phase Transitions

Clausius-Clapeyron Equation

Statical Mechanics

Fermi-Dirac Distributions

Bose-Einstein Distributions

Electricity & Magnetism

Electric Force

Electric Potential

Unit Charge & Boundary Conditions


Dielectrics & Polarization

Charge Density

Biot-savart Law

Electromagnetic Induction


Alternating Currents

Simple DC & AC Circuits

Displacement Current

Maxwelll's Equations

Poynting's Theorem

Reflection at a Dielectric Interface

Lorentz Force

Gauss Laws

Electric Field


Ampere’s Law

Maxwell’s Equations

Modern Physics

Inertial Frames & Invariance

Special Theory of Relativity

Lorentz Transformations

Relativity of Geometry

Velocity Transformation

Mass Energy Equivalence

Evolution of Quantum Mechanics

Photoelectric Effect

Compton Effect

Atomic Model

Wave-particle Duality

Uncertainty Principle

The Superposition Principle

Schrodinger Equation

Bound State Problem

Mass & Binding Energy

Structure of Atomic Nucleus

Radioactivity & Its Applications

Laws of Radioactive Decay

Time Dilation

Two & Three Dimensional Boxes

Solution of Schrodinger Equation

Reflection at a Step Potential

Mechanics & General Properties

Newton's Laws of Motion

Velocity & Acceleration

Polar Coordinate Systems

Cylindrical Coordinate Systems

Uniformly Rotating Frame

Centrifugal & Coriolis Forces

Motion Under a Central Force

Kepler's Laws

Gravitational Law & Field

Conservative & Non-Cons. Force

System of Particles

Rigid Body Dynamic

Torque and Angular Momentum

Conservation of Energy

Elastic & Inelastic Collisions

Moments & Products of Inertia

Parallel Axes Theorem

Perpendicular Axes Theorem

Principal moments and axes

Kinematics of Moving Fluids

Euler's & Bernoulli's theorem

Variable Mass Systems

Rolling Motion

Forms of Reference

Velocity and Acceleration

Elastic and Inelastic Collisions

Frame of Reference

Motion Under a Central Force


Simple Harmonic Oscillator

Superposition of SHO

Lissajous Figures

Damped & Forced Oscillators

Wave Equation

Energy Density &Transmisn-Wave

Group & Phase Velocity

Doppler Effect

Fermat's Principle

General Theory of Image Format

Thick, Thin Lens & Combination

Interference of Light

Fraunhofer Diffraction

Rayleigh Criterion & Resolutn

Diffraction gratings


Refraction & Optical Rotation

Devices & Electronics

Crystal Structure

Miller Indices

X-ray Diffraction & Bragg's Law


P-n Junction Diode





Boolean Algebra

Logic Gates