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Topics covered for Excel CSIR NET 2021 - Physical Sciences (English)

Physical Sciences

Atomic & Molecular Physics

Bohr's Theory of Hydrogen Atom

Spectra of Alkali

Zeeman Paschen-Back & Stark Eff.

Far Infrared Spectroscopy

UV and Visible Spectroscopy

Raman Spectra

Elements of Masers and Lasers

Mathematical Methods: Basics

Functions of Complex Variable

Calculus of Residues

Mathematical Methods: Advanced

Complex Numbers and Functions

Classical Mechanics

Newtonian Mechanics

Lagrangian Dynamics

Hamiltonian Dynamics

Two-Body Central Force Problem

Variational Principles

Brackets and Liouville's Theorem

Small Oscillators & Normal Modes

Dynamics of a Rigid Body

Lorentz Transformations

Covariant Formulation of EM

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Condensed Matter Physics

Crystal Structure

Lattice Vibration

Electronic & Experimental Methods

Digital Logic

Combinational Logic Circuits



D/A Conversion and A/D Conversion

Quantum Mechanics

Wave Function

Time-Independent Schrodinger Eq.

Quantum Mechanics in 3D

Perturbation Theory

Variational Principle

WKB Approximation


Thermodynamic Statistical Physics

Thermodynamic Concepts

Nuclear & Particle Physics

Properties of Atomic Nucleus

Alpha Particles


Gamma Radiation

Nuclear Forces

Nuclear Models

Nuclear Fission and Fusion

Electromagnetic Theory


Electric Fields in Matter


Electromagnetic Waves

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