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Topics covered for Enhance PYQ's Batch for all MSc Entrance Exams - Physics: 2021


Mathematical Methods

Partial Derivatives

Jacobian, Im- & Perfect Diff

Series Expansion

Fourier Series

Vector Algebra & Calculus

Solid State Physics

Kinetic Theory & Thermodynamic

Elements of Kinetic Theory

Maxwell Velocity Distribution

Degree of Freedom

Laws of Thermodynamics

Thermodynamic Process

Carnot Cycle and Second Law

Maxwell Thermodynamic Relation

Phase Transitions

Statical Mechanics

Electricity & Magnetism

Electric Potential


Electromagnetic Induction

Alternating Currents

Lorentz Force

Gauss Laws

Electric Field


Modern Physics

Special Theory of Relativity

Evolution of Quantum Mechanics

Wave-particle Duality

Schrodinger Equation

Bound State Problem

Structure of Atomic Nucleus

Radioactivity & Its Applications

Solution of Schrodinger Equation

Reflection at a Step Potential

Mechanics & General Properties

Newton's Laws of Motion

Gravitational Law & Field

Rigid Body Dynamic

Torque and Angular Momentum


Devices & Electronics

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