Quantitative Aptitude




Modern History

Advent of the Europeans in India

Challenges for New - born Nation

Political Associations Before INC

1857 Revolt

Indian National Congress

British Empire

Expansion & Consolidation

Rising Resentment Against Company

Peasant Movements

Reform Movements

Beginning of Modern Nationalism

National Movement (1905 - 1918)

Revolutionary Activities

World War I & India

Era of Mass Nationalism Begins

Freedom & Partition (1939 - 1947)

Constitutional & Judicial Develo.

Ancient History

Vedic Period

Prehistoric Age

Historiography of Ancient India

Environmental Determinism


Jainism, Buddhism & Shramanic

Mahajanapadas Period

Maurya Age

Post - Mauryan India

Sangam Period

Gupta Empire


Medieval History

Delhi Sultanate - I

Delhi Sultanate - II

Early Muslim Invasions

Spread of Indian Culture

North Indian Kingdoms

South Indian Kingdoms

Maratha Empire

Mughal Empire

Vijayanagara & Bahmani

Bhakti & Sufi Movement

Medieval History of TN

South Indian Kingdoms

Arts & Culture of TN


Dance Forms in Tamil Nadu

Architecture of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Music

Martial Arts

Modern History of TN

Freedom Struggle

Growth of Rationalism

Ancient History of TN

Pre - Historic Age

Post - Maurya

Sangam Period

Post - Independence History

Consolidation of India

Nehru Era (1947 - 1964)

Shastri Years (June 1964 - 1966)

Indira Years (1966 - 77, 1980 - 84)

Rajiv Gandhi to Narasimha Rao

Vajpayee to Manmohan Singh

Politics in the States

Art & Culture

Indian Architecture

Indian Paintings

Indian Handicrafts

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Indian Music

Indian Dance Forms

Indian Theatre

Indian Puppetry

Indian Circus

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Languages in India

Religions in India

Indian Literature

Schools of Philosophy

Indian Cinema

Fairs & Festivals of India